Message from the President & CEO

Since its founding, Fuso Industries has been involved in pipe processing for air conditioning systems.
We consistently receive high praise from our customers for our ability to accommodate our processes to a wide variety of air conditioning installations, from the residential to commercial scale, and from mass production to high-variety low-volume manufacturing.
Today, new models are being introduced in the residential market at a rapid rate and commercial systems are being used for an extensive range of applications, including computer rooms, intelligent buildings, research laboratories, and automated factory plants, among others.
As time goes on air conditioning needs are becoming increasingly sophisticated and diversified, and consequently the demand for higher performance pipe arrangements is on the rise.
In its supportive role within the air conditioning industry, Fuso Industries pursues tireless self-improvement by continuously assimilating knowledge and persistently increasing its technical capabilities in order to meet customer standards for cost, delivery, and product quality.
Additionally, we aim to further contribute to the businesses of our customers by occasionally submitting innovative proposals that utilize the expertise we have obtained from our high-variety low-volume manufacturing process.
Moving forward, I hope we will continue to enjoy the support and guidance we receive from our customers.

President & CEO Jiro Kuno

Corporate Outline

Trade Name Fuso Industries Ltd.
Founded September, 1963
Incorporated June 24, 1971
Capital Funding 33.8 million yen
Consolidated Revenue Non-consolidated 13.242 billion yen Group-wide 36.726 billion yen (Financial Results for March 2023)
Number of employees Non-consolidated 259 employees Group-wide 1,773 employees(as of March 31, 2023)
Domestic Production Plants Fuso Industries Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters Plant (kannabe) ishizu Rinkai Plant Tadaoka Iron Works Co., Ltd.
Taiyo Industries Co., Ltd.
Overseas Production Plants Suzhou Yuemao Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Nichiei Metals Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Xingxin Air Conditioner Accessories Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Tadaoka Precision Industry Co., Ltd.
Fuso Industries Slovakia s.r.o.
Fuso Industries Thailand Co., Ltd.
Corporate Address 153-1, Kannabecho 6-Cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka, 590-0984 JAPAN
TEL +81-72-229-8158
FAX +81-72-227-0941
Primary Business Processing and assembly of refrigerant pipe arrangements for commercial air conditioning systems;
manufacturing of pipe arrangements and parts for EcoCute hot water heaters
Major Customers Daikin Industries, Ltd./Daikin Europe N.V./Daikin Trading Ltd./O.K. Kizai Co., Ltd./Mitsubishi Electric Corporation/Yanmar Co., Ltd./Rinnai Corporation/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Thermal Systems, Ltd./LIXIL Corporation.
Major Suppliers Kobelco & Materials Copper Tube Co., Ltd./Nungwon Metal Ind. Co., Ltd./Ningbo Jintian Copper (Group) Co., Ltd
Corporate Officers
President & CEO Jiro Kuno
Honorary advisor Seijiro Kuno
Director & Senior Operating Officer (in charge of China Business) Hao Ye
Operating Officer Yuji Kawabata
Operating Officer Takahiro Yamada
Operating Officer Toshihiro Izumitani
Corporate Auditor Isao Kuno
Corporate Adviser (residing) Mitsuaki Eguchi
Corporate Adviser (adjunct) Hideo Shigemura


Mori Shoten is founded by the company’s first president, Yoshiyuki Mori.
Mori Industries Co., Ltd., is incorporated as a pipe bending company
A new plant is completed at the company’s current location, and the company’s capital funding is increased to ¥12 million.
Capital funding is increased to ¥18 million.
Osamu Ryuhan assumes the position of CEO.
Company trade name is changed to Fuso Industries Ltd.
The Izumiotsu Plant, the precursor to the current Kannabe Plant, opens for business.
Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd., begins participating in the company’s management.
Kazuo Murakami assumes the position of president and CEO.
Izumiotsu Plant relocates to its current location in Kannabe in the city of Sakai, Osaka and its name is changed to the Kannabe Plant.
Seijiro Kuno assumes the position of CEO.
Kannabe Plant expands its facilities.
Kanaoka Plant opens for business.
Kannabe Plant expands its facilities, and Production Division operations are transferred from the Corporate Headquarters & Main Plant to the Kannabe Plant.
The Head Office Plant expands its facilities and merges with the Kanaoka Plant.
F&S Thailand Co., Ltd., is established in Thailand as a joint venture with Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd.
Kannabe Plant acquires ISO9001 certification
Suzhou Yuemao Metal Products Co., Ltd., is established as a joint venture with a Taiwanese company.
F&S THAILAND CO., LTD is sold to Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Yuemao Metal Products Co., Ltd., relocates its plant to the Taicang Development Zone.
Shares held by Sambo Copper Alloy Co., Ltd. are purchased.
Capital funding is increased from ¥18 million to ¥33.8 million.
An investment (30.8% stake) from Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation CO., LTD. is received.
Slovakia branch office opens for business.
Certified under the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard
The Rinkai Plant in the Chikkoshin-machi district of the city of Sakai opens for business.
Slovakia branch office expands by purchasing additional land.
Jiro Kuno assumes the position of CEO.
Suzhou Yuemao Metal Products Co., Ltd., relocates its plant to the Taicang Economic Development Zone.
FUSO INDUSTRIES THAILAND CO., LTD. established in Thailand
Slovakia branch office legally incorporated,
with its name changed to FUSO INDUSTRIES Slovakia s.r.o.
51% of stock shares of SHANGHAI NICHIEI METALS Co., Ltd. obtained
65% equity stake in Taiyo Industries Co., Ltd. acquired
September 2017 16% stake in Taiyo Industries Co., Ltd. sold to Mr. Hiroshi Takada, with a 49% stake held
January 2019 43% equity stake in Shanghai Xingxin Air-Conditioner Parts Ltd. acquired
100% stake acquired, together with the 30% from Suzhou Yuemao Metal Products Co., Ltd. and Jiro Kuno's 27%
July 2020 Acquired 100% stake in Tadaoka, making it a wholly owned subsidiary, and accordingly incorporated Suzhou Zhonggang Precision Industry Ltd., a subsidiary of Tadaoka, as a group company
September 2022 Capital of FUSO INDUSTRIES Slovakia s.r.o. increased by €1.5 million to €4 million
February 2023 Capital of FUSO INDUSTRIES THAILAND CO., LTD. increased by THB 114,700 thousand to THB 218,200 thousand
April 2023 Head office location changed from Ishizu Plant to Kannabe Plant

Organization Chart

Organization Chart

Business of Each Department

Manufacturing Department (Division 1)
I'm mainly in charge of emergency response and improvement of each production line.
In case of an emergency response or increase in production, I join the production line, consider how to respond, and issue instructions.
I feel a sense of accomplishment when the emergency response goes well, or when an improvement is successfully made.
But I also feel I still have room for improvement, such as when I can't communicate my ideas very well.
Manufacturing Department (Division 1) Yamada
Manufacturing Department (Division 3)
I'm mainly in charge of pipe processing.
My job is to let the machine read the drawing data, set the pipes, and have them automatically processed by the equipment.
The processing also includes pipe end processing and drilling processing.
It's a fun challenge for me to think about how to make small improvements in pipe processing, and how to deal with hard-to-process pipes more efficiently and easily.
Manufacturing Department (Division 3) Sakai
Manufacturing Department (Division 4)
I am in charge of gas brazing and parts assembly.
Some of the parts we work with are so big, they're about the same height as a human, so that's pretty difficult. On the flip side, it almost feels like assembling a very difficult model, so it's interesting in that way.
I'm still working under the guidance and instruction of my senior co-workers now, but I'd like to be able to manage the entire line in the future.
Manufacturing Department (Division 4) Kato
Quality Control Department
I check the workmanship and quality of products that were assembled during the manufacturing process, and guarantee their quality.
Since there are many types of products, it's difficult to check that there are no defects or missing parts, but when I happen to find a defect, solve the problem, and ship the product out safely, it's a very rewarding feeling for me, because I know I'm serving to improve quality at the company.
Quality Control Department Nakagawa
Production Planning Department
The Production Planning Department has a business division, a purchasing division, and a computer division. I'm in charge of maintaining the current system and developing new systems in the computer section.
It's a department of extremes. It's very fun sometimes, as we get feedback from users saying that the system we developed/improved is easier to use, or more efficient than before. Also, it's very difficult sometimes, as we have to develop core systems, which can take many years of hard work.
Production Planning Department Computer Division Ueda
Overseas Department
The department I'm in is responsible for the core work of our overseas partners (there are 6 affiliated companies alone).
My main job is to manage orders from Europe and prepare documents related to trade.
Most of the exchanges are in English, and there are also overseas business trips.
I try to communicate politely so that there are no mistakes due to differences in language and culture.
Overseas Department Matsuo
General Affairs Department
All work related to the company, employees, and finances falls in the general affairs category.
The general affairs section to which I belong deals mainly with recruitment, labor management, and other things that occur on a daily basis.
It is a job that involves all employees, and it's exciting and interesting because there are many new situations and challenges that arise. On the other hand, I also feel pressure because we have to avoid making mistakes due to things like revisions in the law.
General Affairs Department Kubo
Corporate Planning Office
This Office is a department that examines, formulates, manages annual and medium- to long-term management plans and budgets.
My work is related to the company's whole operations, and it is hard work ecause it requires a wide range of knowledge from technology to finance.
However, I can have a great feeling of accomplishment in my work as I can be involved in any of the company's systems and functions.
Corporate Planning Office Tsujino