Quality Management System

Pursuing Total Quality Management (TQM)

Implementing a proprietary quality control manual that satisfies ISO 9001 environmental management system standards

Due to the high internal pressures the pipe arrangements of air conditioning systems operate under, products of extremely high quality are in constant demand. FUSO INDUSTRIES LTD. has an established reputation for the quality of its products, and our CAD/CAM production system as well as our proprietary quality control manual allows us to seamlessly regulate product quality without the need for specific stage inspections that interrupt production.

Additionally, we are aiming to implement a Total Quality Management (TQM) system that oversees the entire process across all departments – not just production – from order receipt to delivery. As a result of our capability to transition freely between mass production and high-variety low-volume manufacturing on a short schedule and simultaneously maintain high product quality, we received ISO 9001 certification in 1995. In recent years, a trend toward greater sophistication and diversity in air conditioning systems, has led to increasing demand for high quality products that are stronger, lighter, and also have purifying and dehumidifying functions. Moving forward, we are committed to pursuing even more rigorous quality control in order to better meet our customers’ needs.

Domestic ISO certifications

Target factory: Kannabe Plant (Corporate Headquarters Plant) / Ishizu Plant
Target factory: Kannnabe Plant (Corporate Headquarters Plant) / Ishizu Plant

International ISO certifications